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  1. Endorsed Landlord Spotlight: E. David’s Properties

    March 4, 2014 by Jay

    At MarketOSU, we only work with exceptional property manager who will provide OSU students with an experience above and beyond the norm for a campus landlord. David Colwell of E. David’s Properties does just that. If you are looking for housing, we recommend  scheduling a visit for one of the following properties available now and for 2014-15!

    About E. David’s Properties

    E. David’s Properties is a family owned business that has been serving OSU students for over 30 years. We take great pride in providing safe, affordable, comfortable and attractive living space for our tenants. Some of our students remain with us for several years. We are appreciative of the many referrals we receive from our tenants past and present. Perhaps our greatest compliment is when our tenants invite us to their graduation parties or other events. We believe our success is the result of a partnership between our staff and our tenants with mutual respect and commitment to satisfaction with a living arrangement that contributes to the students’ personal and academic success.

    Contact: Jolene Molitoris
    p: 614-571-5109

    1957 Summit (2 bedroom units)


    (18th & Summit); completely updated: tile floors in kitchen and bath; also hardwood & carpet elsewhere; gas heat; central air; water paid; laundry facilities on site ; 2 free off street parking spaces per unit; new energy efficient windows. $700 monthly/$350 each person.

    1957 Summit Street

    2524 Neil Ave. (5 bedroom house)


    Totally remodeled. Gorgeous! New kitchen; marble baths; 5 large bedrooms/closets/ceiling fans; gas heat; central air; hardwood floors; new energy efficient windows: washer and dryer in basement; off street parking for 5; water paid; bus stop on Neil. $2500 per month/$500 per person.

    2524 Neil Ave

  2. Survival Race 5K

    January 19, 2014 by Jay

    The Arnold Survival Race is coming to Columbus, and we want you to know about it.

    The Survival Race is a 5K race designed to get you out and get you dirty. Test your own limits in a fun, healthy, exciting adventure. Whether you are an experienced runner or experienced coach potato, you will be amongst friends in this epic event.

    The event caters to anyone who is looking for what’s become known as some “old fashion” fun. The kind of fun that takes place outdoors and requires that you do more than lounge back and smack your fingers on a keypad!

    When you register for your Survival Race, get ready to take massive and immediate action. Once you take on your first Survival Race, you’re in our family for life.

    We designed the Survival Race with fun and health in mind. We want our racers to experience the kind of fun that you will not soon forget.

    Our race is responsible for getting average people to get up and out, to become active and social creatures, and to stress less and find the fun in fitness.

    Click here to register for the event. Enter the code “OSU” to receive 20% off! Early Bird sales end January 31. Follow survival race on Twitter @survivalrace.

  3. The art of haggling

    September 2, 2013 by Jay

    The Market at MarketOSU is like any other market – listed prices can be negotiated. Much like pimpin’, haggling isn’t easy. Let the experts give you some advice on how to haggle on those ticket and textbook prices!

  4. We want to hear from you!

    January 11, 2013 by Jay

    User feedback is a huge driving force behind the changes in our website. Several of the changes and additions to our website have been the direct result of feedback from our users. We always want to hear from our users about how we can better serve you and improve our service.

    If you have an idea for an addition, feature, change, or any other type of comment or concern, please drop us a line! We want to hear from you.

    Have you had a positive experience using MarketOSU? We want to hear your story and add it to our Success Stories page coming soon. Feel free to leave a comment, drop us an email, or reach out on Twitter or Facebook.

    No matter your reason for talking with us, we will mail you one of our MarketOSU stickers as a thank you!

    Screen shot 2012-12-22 at 11.04.32 AM

  5. Why sell your books with MarketOSU?

    December 17, 2012 by Jay

    Bookstores, textbook exchanges, Facebook, countless other internet sites…students seem to have a ton of options when it comes to buying and selling their used textbooks. So why choose MarketOSU? Well, here’s the quick pitch:

    But that video is too brief to really delve into the two major issues at hand that we solve.

    1.) Bridging the timing gap.

    After the final Scantron bubble is filled, or the final period written, or the final paper turned in, students are ready to unload that class textbook. The reason is quite obvious – textbooks are a commodity in college. The longer a student holds on to them, the lower their value potentially. Like any other commodity, students would prefer to receive a more liquid asset – cash – for those textbooks.

    However, while most students would prefer to make some quick cash on their textbooks, few students are excited, ready, or willing to dish out cash for next semester’s books immediately after one semester culminates. They want to keep their assets liquid by holding onto their cash until they truly need the book.

    We bridge this timing gap with MarketOSU.

    Simply post your textbooks and student buyers looking to purchase your textbooks can easily find them when they are ready to buy. And because our database is searchable and does not rely on listing date, you don’t have to worry about your listing getting buried.

    2.) Facebook spam, clutter, and inefficiency.

    Many students turn to Facebook to post the books they are selling once the semester is over. Several problems arise from this decision – including the problem we just touched on. Facebook is completely timing-related, meaning a book posted today can be buried in the next 24 hours by other posts, possibly never to be seen again by an interested party.

    Since most buyers don’t begin looking for books until after the sellers begin looking for buyers, this method is truly a waste of time. In the same amount of time it takes to create a Facebook post for your books, you can create a MarketOSU listing and not worry about it being buried.

    To compound the issue, there are dozens of groups within the Ohio State University. A seller of book XYZ may never connect with a buyer for books XYZ is the seller is in group A and the buyer is in group B. With MarketOSU, there is one searchable database.


    So give us a shot – you have nothing to lose but a few seconds of your time. Our system works. I’ve personally sold a half dozen books and bought another half dozen more in our short time in existence. With thousands of OSU students already on the Market, it’s likely you can have the same success. And hey, if you do have success, tell us about it! Email your success story to and we’ll add it to the blog!

    Screen shot 2012-12-17 at 1.03.26 PM

  6. Support MarketOSU!

    October 17, 2012 by Jay


    As MarketOSU continues to grow, we continue to receive requests for new features. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to buy and sell apartment furniture such as couches, desks, chairs, or bookshelves? What about electronics, such as TVs, video game systems, old phones, iPods, or laptops?

    These are just two features of several that we would like to implement on MarketOSU to better serve the needs of Ohio State students. Unfortunately, development is not free nor cheap. In order to continue to grow the site and implement these features, we need your help.

    Currently, MarketOSU is a part of the UFunded Fall Classic. The Fall Classic is a competition that runs parallel with a crowdfunding campaign using the UFunded platform. We are trying to raise $2,500 to take MarketOSU to the next level – and you can help! There are several great rewards for pledging to support MarketOSU, including “I’m on the Market” t-shirts (great for us single folk!), a custom CD of 8 songs of your choosing covered by me, founder Jay Clouse (and believe me, this will be hilariously embarrassing for me) as well as a home-cooked meal in my apartment.

    If those rewards are out of your price range, you can be immortalized on the MarketOSU webpage with your name in our “Sponsor” section, or receive a custom die-cut laptop sticker.

    As a broke college student myself, I understand living on a tight budget. Part of the scoring in the Fall Classic includes the support of each idea’s University community. If you follow our profile page, “like” it on Facebook, tweet it, or share it another way, we get points! All support goes a long way.

    Please consider supporting MarketOSU so we can keep this service free for students, and happy bartering!

    Head Clerk

  7. New Features!

    October 15, 2012 by Jay

    Concert and Event Tickets

    We are happy to announce the expansion of MarketOSU’s ticket function: concert and event tickets! You can now sell your tickets to any concert or event, and we mean anything. That includes Corey Smith concert tickets (for sale now!) tickets to the NLCS, Halloweekends at Cedar Point, or the Columbus Crew.

    How does it work? Just like the books section, you can search by artist or keyword. To narrow the results down further, also include a location (by country, state, city, or venue). If that ticket is available, we’ll tell you! If not, you can add it to your Watch List, just as any other item. When someone lists it for sale, you’ll receive an email. To check out the new feature, click here.

    Campus Location

    To make it even easier to meet up with another student and swap your books or tickets, we’ve included a “Campus Location” section in your personal profile. You can list your location as North, South, West, or Central Campus so when you try to pick a location to meet, you already know the best area.

    To add your general campus location, head to “Edit my Profile” under “My Account”!

    Success Stories

    We have added a “Success Stories” section to our blog here so you can share your positive experiences using MarketOSU. Have you sold a book using our service? How about tickets? Have you bought either? We want to know.

    To submit your success story, please email your experience to

    Thank you for using MarketOSU, and happy bartering!


    The Clerks